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Van Specification

Our vehicle is fitted with;


A Climate Control System which controls both heating and air conditioning to maintain a constant temperature and humidity in the pet transport area independently of the cabs heating system.


A climate control system which can operate at full heating output (800 watts) independant from any external power source (van engine or external mains supply) for up to 1 ½ hours


An external mains electricity hook-up system.


A system to monitor the temperature in the pet transport area to give a constant reading within the cab and alarmed if the temperature exceeds set limits.  Temperature in the pet transport area can be remotely adjusted from the cab.


A controlable fresh air ventilator in the pet transport area which constantly draws out stale air while the vehicle is in motion


A GPS System and customers will be given access to our GPS Live website where they will have realtime access to our progress on route including the frequency and duration of our animal rest stop / comfort breaks.


Fresh water tanks with a capacity of 24 litres.


CCTV cameras in our pet transport area with monitor screens in the cab.


Additional pet transport area lighting, controlled from the cab.


A fully insulated pet transport area with white polyurethane lining throughout.


Bespoke cages constructed to accommodate small, medium, large and extra-large sized dogs.

All our cages are larger than IATA (Air travel) recomendations, are very secure and have washable interiors. The separation panels between cages can be removed for pets who prefer to travel together but still allowing them adequate space to move around. 

Small cages for cats have extra length to accommodate a litter tray without restricting their living / sleeping space


Fresh polyester fibre fleece bedding in all cages which allows fluids to drain through leaving the top dry. The dense pile gives warmth, comfort / security and prevents pressure sores.


Our vehicle has DEFRA Type 2 approval, is fully insured for both travel and liability.




Transport Policy

Our policy is to provide your pet with the safest, most comfortable and enjoyable experience while temporarily in our care.


We always park at a suitable and safe location every 3 to a maximum of every 4 hours during day time travel to allow each pet to be walked and enjoy a break from their cages. During the night we travel for a maximum of 8 hours to allow them to sleep but extend the morning breakfast / comfort break making sure that they are comfortable to continue the journey. Additional night time breaks may be incorporated in the journey dependant on individual animal needs.


Pets will be constantly monitored through the CCTV system during travel


There are always  2 drivers / pet companions during our journeys and your pets are never left alone in the vehicle. A minimum of one person is always in attendance while parked.


Our policy is to travel wherever possible over a 24 hour period to keep your pets travel time to a minimum.



We are located at:

Petz2u Limited

Muir of Fowlis


AB33 8HS

Get social with us.

If you have any queries or want to make travel arrangements for your

pet(s) please contact us for your free quote:



019755 81298 (within UK)

0044 19755 81298 (outside UK)


07792 215737 (within UK)

0044 7792 215737 (outside



07949 098580

(within UK)

00447949 098580 (outside UK)


Spanish mobile no

633690591 (within Spain)

0034 633690591 (outside Spain)





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